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In 1989 the SCL bought its headquarters in Bsalim, Metn. The 370m2 two level area houses the club's equipment room, archives, climbing wall, museum, meeting room and Sami Karkabi Library. On the walls surveys, photos among other items are hung.
Every Thursday at 8pm our weekly meeting is held in this location

Speleo Club du Liban Club Map

Click to download the Headquater's construction plan

A corner of the headquarters
A presentation at the headquarters
Hanging photos showing the early expeditions of the Speleo Club du Liban
Hanging photos showing the founding members of the Speleo Club du Liban
The Thursday night meeting
The climbing wall inside the headquarters and the rigged training ropes
The climbing wall inside the headquarters
The club's awards hanging in the club
The entrance of the club
The mezzanine level
The training ropes rigged in the headquarters
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